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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ticker Tock: 17 Weeks

Wow, time seems to be flying, which really excites me! I can't wait to hang out with my Moms and all their friends and my new family! I'm 17 weeks along and I'm feeling stronger and stronger everyday. My ticker says I'm the size of an onion (though I don't think onion is a fruit!) and I feel as strong as an onion - tee hee! This week, you would think I was going to be a cherry, though. Mum has been eating massive amounts of cherries and I can't get her to stop no matter how much I kick and thrash around. It's beginning to feel like that scene from The Witches of Eastwick in here! I really can't wait until another fruit catches her taste buds' attention - though I am grateful that she's not eating as many onions as she is cherries!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Spa Tubs and Other Fun Things

The Moms went and picked out a lot of wonderful things they'd like for me - I didn't really understand the whole event since they didn't buy anything, they just ooohed and aahed and used some funny machine with a red eye to click at things. But they seemed to have a good time. Everytime I saw something I really liked I gave Mum a swift kick. Most things she agreed with, but one item in particular she wouldn't even consider: a spa tub. Mama was all for it, but Mum thought it was absolutely ridiculous! She said "I don't have a spa tub, so the baby doesn't need a spa tub!" I'm not sure her logic is sound, though: Mum doesn't have a mobile over her bed or a night light shaped like a sheep, either, but she seems to think I need one of each! Oh, well. Mama assured me that there's a much more fun way of making bubbles in my tub that she'll teach me! I can't wait! Tee hee!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ticker Tock: 16 Weeks

I'm really loving this fruit ticker of mine. This week I'm the size of an avocado. The fun part is Mum usually has a real craving for something related to the fruit of the week. This Saturday, she had a powerful desire for Mexican food - most especially guacamole! I wonder what next week will bring! Tee hee!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ticker Tock: 15 Weeks

Ahhh, as you can see by my ticker, I'm 15 weeks along and the size of a navel orange. I'm moving all around and poking Mum whenever I can, but she doesn't seem to notice - actually I think she notices, but claims it's gas! I'm not gas, Mum!! It's funny that I'm traveling through all Mum's favorite fruits here lately. Of course it'd be a real kicker if one week I was the size of a watermelon - Mum's ultimate favorite fruit (or a Jack Fruit, which is even bigger!) I think Mum would change her mind about natural childbirth then and there!! Tee hee!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ticker Tock: 14 Weeks

Hello everyone! I'm sorry, I've been a very lazy baby this week. Mum's off this week, so we've been sleeping in and napping a lot and I've been neglecting my blog. But, as you can see from my ticker, this week I'm 14 weeks along and the size of a lemon. Which is a bit confusing to me: a lemon seems a bit smaller than the peach I was last week, but maybe I'm thinking of those Georgian peaches The Moms enjoy when they visit Grampa and Gigi in Georgia? One funny thing about being a lemon this week: this weekend, before we knew I'd be a lemon, Mum made a batch of Lemon Arugula Soup - yum! Well, we're on Mission: Organization this week, and we'd better get back to it. Between our naps, Mum is "organizing and purging to make room for baby," though we haven't really made much progress, but I think that's mostly my fault. I'm going to try to let her stay awake for the whole day today, but we'll see - tee hee!!