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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ticker Tock: 22 Weeks

Ahh, the weeks are just flying by! According to my ticker, I'm the size of a papaya. I think I'm about a medium sized one - they can be HUGE!! Mum was telling me about some of the exotic fruit she explores with Gigi and she said papayas can be delicate all the way to humongous! Now, I won't claim to be a delicate and tiny baby, but I'm not humongous yet! In fact, I've recently learned a bit of acrobatics and have been flipping over and over like an Olympic gymnast while Mum is at work. Now I wouldn't have room to do that if I were already the size of one of those monster papayas, right? Tee hee!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ticker Tock: 21 Weeks

So, we're officially in the second half of my pre-world-entry growth. I'm feeling very anxious to get out there and meet people. I've been thinking a lot about my grandparents lately. I got to meet Nana very early on when she came while I was still making Mum so sick. That was a fun visit - for everyone except Mum, really. I can't wait to meet Grampa and Gigi, though. Now that my ears are wired up, I chat with Nana on the phone often - you'd be amazed at how advanced cell phone technology is in here. Sounds like she's right next to me! I also eavesdrop on The Mom's conversations with Grampa and Gigi, but it's really not the same. I'm not patient enough to wait til I'm in the world to meet them, though, so I'm glad they'll be coming to Rochester for a visit in October!

So, this week, according to my ticker, I'm the size of a banana. Is that confusing for anyone else? Granted, I don't know a lot about a lot of things, but even I know that a cantaloupe (my size last week) is bigger than a banana! Mum does indeed eat at least a banana a day, but she's been doing that for a while, so it's not really part of the eat-whatever-fruit-Zordan-is-the-size-of pattern.

There's still a lot of ruckus going on in our house getting ready for my arrival. Aunt BethAnn and Aunt Sue have been really helpful to Mama with all the painting. And I've heard the Aunt Sue has brought me a couple gifts, but The Moms won't let me see them until my birth day! Maybe Mum will show you all on her blog (which I read all the time - again, technology is amazing!) Tee hee!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ticker Tock: 20 Weeks - Officially HALFWAY There!!

Oh this is an exciting, exciting week!! I'm about halfway to meeting my Moms and all my new friends and family AND I jumped from the size of a mango to a CANTALOUPE!! I knew I was tired for some reason - I've been wearing myself out with all this growing - and wearing Mum out, too! Mum has not been eating a lot of cantaloupe like she's eaten all the other fruits - it's just never been a favorite of hers. Twenty weeks has brought a lot of activity to the house, though: friends like Beth Ann and Sue helping Mama paint and The Moms purging and getting everything organized in preparation for my arrival. Mum and I have actually been very uninvolved in most of the activity, which I know is really hard for my Mum, but safer for me - plus, she's working really hard helping me grow, so I'm really happy that she's concentrating on that instead! Oh, I just can't believe I have only 20 weeks to go! I can't wait, tee hee!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ticker Tock: 19 Weeks

Ahhh, so close to halfway to meeting my Moms! This wait is SO hard, but I'm kinda glad I'm in here - from the sounds of it, there's a lot of work being done out there. I know my Moms and their friends are working hard to get our house ready for me, but from in here it sounds like they're tearing down our current house and building us a new one! Thankfully, this morning, all is quiet, and Mum and I are enjoying a yummy mango smoothie - which, of course, is pretty funny, since this week, I'm the size of a large mango! Mum's eaten something mango every day since Friday! I love how in tune we are! Tee hee!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ticker Tock: 18 Weeks

My ticker says I'm the size of a sweet potato this week - and Mum has been eating sweet potatoes everyday, so I actually know ALL about sweet potatoes! - but I actually think I'm a butterfly this week. You see, everyday I try to make my presence known to The Moms. Mum is easy now - she feels me all the time - but Mama has been patiently waiting for so long! Every morning Mama will put her hand on me and say "Good Morning, Baby!" and then just wait. And every afternoon she'll lay her head on me and say "Kick me in the head, Baby! Come on, kick me in the head!" And I do! I kick and kick and headbutt and punch and do pretty much anything I can to get her attention, but nothing. . .until yesterday morning. Mama went through her normal morning ritual of "Good Morning, Baby!" and I gave her a swift "Hello!" kick right where I felt her hand and SHE FELT ME!! For the first time! I think it was exciting for all of us! She said to Mum, "Oh wow, it feels like little butterfly wings fluttering! Wow!" Oh how I love my Moms - I just can't wait to get a little bigger and really give Mama a good kick or headbutt! Soon, tee hee!