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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ticker Tock: 26 Weeks

Ahh, 26 weeks along, just about 14 to go! So exciting!! But, unfortunately, I'm still an eggplant this week. Now I've got to say, I'm a generally patient baby - I haven't complained at all about the 40 weeks I have to spend in pretty boring surroundings - but if there's one thing I really look forward to week-by-week, it's finding out what fruit or veggie I am! Three weeks as a papaya and now the second week as an eggplant! So, once again, I've gotten Mum to find out what else I'm the size/weight of this week! Tee hee!!

  • A two pound chuck roast - OK, no one in the house knows what a chuck roast is. Mama thinks it's some part of a cow, but we're not 100% sure.
  • The length of a burp cloth - Now we DO know what those are!
  • As long as a cucumber
  • And, yes, once again, the family favorite: About the size of a tiny baby!
Well, regardless of how big I am this week, I do have exciting news: I can see!! I've been trying to get my eyelids open for weeks now and I finally did it!! I can finally see what's around me!!! If only there was a little more light in here. . . or there were a few more interesting things to look at! Tee hee!! Well, at least I'm all set to get a good look at my Moms and all of you - oh, I can't wait!!

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