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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ticker Tock: 23 Weeks

Ahh, twenty-three weeks along and I'm the size of a . . .papaya! Still! Now, we all remember that I was a papaya last week, so I got Mum to help me with a little Internet research and I guess I'll be the size of a papaya for the next few weeks! Pretty boring if you ask me. So, with a little more prodding, Mum found out some other things I'm the size/weight of for this week:
  • Size of a small doll
  • Size of a winter squash
  • Weight of a large mango
  • My favorite: Size of a full-size Nalgene water bottle (I like this one! The Mom's have their Nalgene's constantly by their sides!)
  • Length and weight of a Harry Potter book
  • Size of a loaf of bread
  • Mama's Favorite: Length of an ear of corn (Mama's favorite food!)
  • Mum's favorite and the most hilarious: "Your baby is roughly the size of a real tiny baby." (Come on, really?!)
I think that last one really captures it: I'm the size of a tiny baby, though if you ask Mum, I have the feeling that "tiny" isn't exactly how she'd describe me! Tee hee!!

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