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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ticker Tock: 34 Weeks

Ahhh, closer and closer still! I'm really very impatient to arrive. I hear The Moms and Nana doing something everyday to get ready for me. Yesterday, Nana washed and dried all my clothes and Mum folded them all up - I heard her oohing and aahing over my little socks and snuggling her face into my blankets. And then Mama joined in and she and Mum put all my clothes away with even more oohing and aahing! There's so many fun and exciting things to explore out there and so many wonderful people. It's so hard to be stuck in here with just this cord for company! But Mum made me promise to be patient. Just a few more weeks. . .

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ticker Tock: Weeks 32 and 33

Week 32:
I gotta be honest with you, week 32 was pretty boring. All the excitement happened in week 33, so read on. . .

Week 33:
So like I said, week 32 was pretty boring. I was still a squash, Nana had been visiting, but had left, and there was really nothing very entertaining going on in here. I could hear The Moms laughing and oohing and aahing over little clothes for me, and fun toys for me, and books, books, books galore for me, and I just couldn't take it anymore! I had to bust outta this place! So I huffed and I puffed and I tried to bust my way out. . . and unfortunately got Mum and I sentenced to a three-day stay in the hospital. I just didn't want to wait any longer to be with my family, but I didn't know my impatience would create so much havoc. Now Mum's on bed rest and she takes every opportunity to give me a lecture in patience. When you think about it, if she and Mama didn't make life with them sound so fun, I wouldn't be so impatient! I really can't wait to meet my family, but I guess I'll try a little harder to be patient. Just a few more weeks now. . .

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ticker Tock: 31 Weeks (October 30- November 5)

I'm still a squash and feel like I may be one forever, but I just have a few weeks before I get to meet my family, so I can't complain. We're down into the single digits, weekwise: just NINE weeks!! Oh how I can't wait!!

This week's been pretty busy, but kinda lowkey. Nana's here, which is fun. She stayed after the shower to help Mum at an upcoming show so we've gotten to spend a lot of time together. She'll be leaving soon, but will be back around about the time I'm making my appearance, so I'll get to meet her in person right away, which is super exciting!! Nana's already warned me that The Moms are a little bit crazy and The Moms have warned me that Nana's a little bit crazy, so I just can't wait to meet her! I know I'll fit right in!! Tee hee!!

Ticker Tock: 30 Weeks (October 23-29)

Ahh, I'm still a squash, but I don't even care because I got to go to my very first party - and it was thrown in MY honor!! Super Uncle Jeff hosted a baby shower for me - and a Halloween themed one at that! Uncles Jeff, Cory, and Ken decorated our church fellowship hall with lots of delightful Halloween decorations, made lots of beautifully scary food, and my whole family and church family came (except my Uncle Joel who had to work, but he was there in spirit!)! Oh, it was just the BEST time ever - I can't wait for the next party I get to go to once I'm on the outside! Tee Hee!!

Real FINGER sandwiches! Tee hee!!

The Moms and me with our hosts.
Mum's costume shows what's in her tummy (me)
and Mama's costume shows what's in hers! Tee hee!!

Vampire Mice!

The prettiest fall/Halloween/baby shower cake ever!

The Moms enjoying a finger or two! They're pretty crazy
and I can't wait to meet them!!

A Note from Mum: I apologize for the tardiness of the posts for weeks 30 and 31. I've had a stressful couple of weeks and have gotten behind in posting Zordan's updates.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ticker Tock: 29 Weeks

I've graduated to a squash this week! Yippee!! It feels like I was an eggplant FOREVER!! It's the perfect time to be a squash, too: fall!! I think this may be my favorite season yet - of course I've only really experienced summer so far and still being safely inside my Mum, I haven't really gotten to get out and FEEL the weather of either season. But, The Moms love fall best, so I think I do too!

Right now, The Moms are getting ready for a fun, fun weekend! Super Uncle Jeff is throwing us a baby shower at our church - so fun! It's Halloween-themed and Nana, Grampa, and Gigi will all be there, too! Aunt Kym will be coming too, so I'll get to meet her for the first time! So exciting!! The Moms won't even tell me what their costume is, but I know it will be something super fun - that's how they are! Tee hee!! I can't wait!!

One other exciting thing - in a lifetime of everyday excitements - is that I "sat" for my first professional photo shoot! Tee hee!! Ms. Diana, a friend of The Moms, owns a wonderful photo studio, Memento Photo Studio. We met Ms. Diana at a pretty park and took a bunch of pre-world-entrance portraits of me - The Moms are in most of them as well! Tee hee!!

I have to say, I think my favorite of these is the "ZORDAN" one! So fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ticker Tock: 28 Weeks

I'm an eggplant still, but I don't even care. This weekend I got to meet my Grampa and Gigi! They came to help The Mom's put together my very first pieces of furniture. Oh what a treat! I can't wait to meet them when I'm on the outside, but for now, I'm just happy to have gotten to spend the weekend with them - and get glimpses of my new room! Tee hee!!

Mama and Grampa celebrating over the completion of my changing table.

Another celebratory high-five over my pretty, pretty crib!

I tried to kick Grampa really hard, but alas, he couldn't feel me.
Soon, Grampa, soon! I promise!

My crib - all dressed and ready for me!
Mum and I were too busy instructing Grampa and Mama in the construction of my furniture to be in many of our pictures and Gigi was too busy taking the pictures, so didn't get in any of them! No matter - I'll remember this weekend fondly and I'm sure The Moms will tell me the stories of this weekend for a long time to come!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ticker Tock: 27 Weeks

Ahh, 27 weeks, just 13 to go! I'm still an eggplant this week, but I'm not complaining! It's a busy week for Mum. I don't know what's going on, but we're constantly in motion this week. I like it - it rocks me to sleep - but Mum's feeling pretty tired! And, regardless of what my ticker says, I had a major growth spurt over the last couple of weeks, so Mum's doing a lot of work right now, just carrying me around! Grampa and Gigi are coming for a visit this weekend, though, so we all have a LOT to look forward to! They bought me a crib and changing table and are joining The Moms to put it all together this weekend. I haven't gotten a peek at my room yet, but I know The Moms and friends have been working really hard to get it ready for me! Just 13 weeks and I am SO excited!! Tee hee!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ticker Tock: 26 Weeks

Ahh, 26 weeks along, just about 14 to go! So exciting!! But, unfortunately, I'm still an eggplant this week. Now I've got to say, I'm a generally patient baby - I haven't complained at all about the 40 weeks I have to spend in pretty boring surroundings - but if there's one thing I really look forward to week-by-week, it's finding out what fruit or veggie I am! Three weeks as a papaya and now the second week as an eggplant! So, once again, I've gotten Mum to find out what else I'm the size/weight of this week! Tee hee!!

  • A two pound chuck roast - OK, no one in the house knows what a chuck roast is. Mama thinks it's some part of a cow, but we're not 100% sure.
  • The length of a burp cloth - Now we DO know what those are!
  • As long as a cucumber
  • And, yes, once again, the family favorite: About the size of a tiny baby!
Well, regardless of how big I am this week, I do have exciting news: I can see!! I've been trying to get my eyelids open for weeks now and I finally did it!! I can finally see what's around me!!! If only there was a little more light in here. . . or there were a few more interesting things to look at! Tee hee!! Well, at least I'm all set to get a good look at my Moms and all of you - oh, I can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ticker Tock: 25 Weeks

Ahhh, I'm finally out of the papaya-stage!! I'm a beautiful, beautiful eggplant this week!! So exciting! I think I'm just thrilled to no longer be a papaya!! I have been busy growing and getting ready to greet the world, though - it's making me pretty tired!

This weekend, I joined The Moms for our first childbirth class - very fun! I already know what needs to happen, but this is pretty new to them! It was fun being with all the other babies-to-be and watching all the parents-to-be learn how to bring us into the world! Oh, I just can't wait!! Tee hee!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ticker Tock: 24 Weeks

I'm starting to really dislike papaya. Yes, that's right, according to my ticker, I'm papaya again this week. It's just my opinion, but I think the ticker creators could have come up with something creative  for these last few weeks instead of boring us with papaya after papaya - a never-ending papaya story.

My great-aunt Jan passed away over the weekend. I know Mum and Nana have been really sad. It's interesting being a yet-to-be-born baby - I get to live both on heaven and on earth, so I've met my sweet and funny Great-Aunt Jan. Before finding out that Aunt Jan had passed, Mum, Mom, and Nana were talking on Friday about Great-Aunt Jan teasing Mum about her squeaky voice and hoping that she would tease me about mine when we met. Honestly, we were too busy giggling for much talking - though she did teach me some secret naughty things to do to drive The Moms crazy! Tee hee! Be happy and raise a ruckus in Heaven, Great Aunt! We love you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ticker Tock: 23 Weeks

Ahh, twenty-three weeks along and I'm the size of a . . .papaya! Still! Now, we all remember that I was a papaya last week, so I got Mum to help me with a little Internet research and I guess I'll be the size of a papaya for the next few weeks! Pretty boring if you ask me. So, with a little more prodding, Mum found out some other things I'm the size/weight of for this week:
  • Size of a small doll
  • Size of a winter squash
  • Weight of a large mango
  • My favorite: Size of a full-size Nalgene water bottle (I like this one! The Mom's have their Nalgene's constantly by their sides!)
  • Length and weight of a Harry Potter book
  • Size of a loaf of bread
  • Mama's Favorite: Length of an ear of corn (Mama's favorite food!)
  • Mum's favorite and the most hilarious: "Your baby is roughly the size of a real tiny baby." (Come on, really?!)
I think that last one really captures it: I'm the size of a tiny baby, though if you ask Mum, I have the feeling that "tiny" isn't exactly how she'd describe me! Tee hee!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ticker Tock: 22 Weeks

Ahh, the weeks are just flying by! According to my ticker, I'm the size of a papaya. I think I'm about a medium sized one - they can be HUGE!! Mum was telling me about some of the exotic fruit she explores with Gigi and she said papayas can be delicate all the way to humongous! Now, I won't claim to be a delicate and tiny baby, but I'm not humongous yet! In fact, I've recently learned a bit of acrobatics and have been flipping over and over like an Olympic gymnast while Mum is at work. Now I wouldn't have room to do that if I were already the size of one of those monster papayas, right? Tee hee!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ticker Tock: 21 Weeks

So, we're officially in the second half of my pre-world-entry growth. I'm feeling very anxious to get out there and meet people. I've been thinking a lot about my grandparents lately. I got to meet Nana very early on when she came while I was still making Mum so sick. That was a fun visit - for everyone except Mum, really. I can't wait to meet Grampa and Gigi, though. Now that my ears are wired up, I chat with Nana on the phone often - you'd be amazed at how advanced cell phone technology is in here. Sounds like she's right next to me! I also eavesdrop on The Mom's conversations with Grampa and Gigi, but it's really not the same. I'm not patient enough to wait til I'm in the world to meet them, though, so I'm glad they'll be coming to Rochester for a visit in October!

So, this week, according to my ticker, I'm the size of a banana. Is that confusing for anyone else? Granted, I don't know a lot about a lot of things, but even I know that a cantaloupe (my size last week) is bigger than a banana! Mum does indeed eat at least a banana a day, but she's been doing that for a while, so it's not really part of the eat-whatever-fruit-Zordan-is-the-size-of pattern.

There's still a lot of ruckus going on in our house getting ready for my arrival. Aunt BethAnn and Aunt Sue have been really helpful to Mama with all the painting. And I've heard the Aunt Sue has brought me a couple gifts, but The Moms won't let me see them until my birth day! Maybe Mum will show you all on her blog (which I read all the time - again, technology is amazing!) Tee hee!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ticker Tock: 20 Weeks - Officially HALFWAY There!!

Oh this is an exciting, exciting week!! I'm about halfway to meeting my Moms and all my new friends and family AND I jumped from the size of a mango to a CANTALOUPE!! I knew I was tired for some reason - I've been wearing myself out with all this growing - and wearing Mum out, too! Mum has not been eating a lot of cantaloupe like she's eaten all the other fruits - it's just never been a favorite of hers. Twenty weeks has brought a lot of activity to the house, though: friends like Beth Ann and Sue helping Mama paint and The Moms purging and getting everything organized in preparation for my arrival. Mum and I have actually been very uninvolved in most of the activity, which I know is really hard for my Mum, but safer for me - plus, she's working really hard helping me grow, so I'm really happy that she's concentrating on that instead! Oh, I just can't believe I have only 20 weeks to go! I can't wait, tee hee!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ticker Tock: 19 Weeks

Ahhh, so close to halfway to meeting my Moms! This wait is SO hard, but I'm kinda glad I'm in here - from the sounds of it, there's a lot of work being done out there. I know my Moms and their friends are working hard to get our house ready for me, but from in here it sounds like they're tearing down our current house and building us a new one! Thankfully, this morning, all is quiet, and Mum and I are enjoying a yummy mango smoothie - which, of course, is pretty funny, since this week, I'm the size of a large mango! Mum's eaten something mango every day since Friday! I love how in tune we are! Tee hee!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ticker Tock: 18 Weeks

My ticker says I'm the size of a sweet potato this week - and Mum has been eating sweet potatoes everyday, so I actually know ALL about sweet potatoes! - but I actually think I'm a butterfly this week. You see, everyday I try to make my presence known to The Moms. Mum is easy now - she feels me all the time - but Mama has been patiently waiting for so long! Every morning Mama will put her hand on me and say "Good Morning, Baby!" and then just wait. And every afternoon she'll lay her head on me and say "Kick me in the head, Baby! Come on, kick me in the head!" And I do! I kick and kick and headbutt and punch and do pretty much anything I can to get her attention, but nothing. . .until yesterday morning. Mama went through her normal morning ritual of "Good Morning, Baby!" and I gave her a swift "Hello!" kick right where I felt her hand and SHE FELT ME!! For the first time! I think it was exciting for all of us! She said to Mum, "Oh wow, it feels like little butterfly wings fluttering! Wow!" Oh how I love my Moms - I just can't wait to get a little bigger and really give Mama a good kick or headbutt! Soon, tee hee!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ticker Tock: 17 Weeks

Wow, time seems to be flying, which really excites me! I can't wait to hang out with my Moms and all their friends and my new family! I'm 17 weeks along and I'm feeling stronger and stronger everyday. My ticker says I'm the size of an onion (though I don't think onion is a fruit!) and I feel as strong as an onion - tee hee! This week, you would think I was going to be a cherry, though. Mum has been eating massive amounts of cherries and I can't get her to stop no matter how much I kick and thrash around. It's beginning to feel like that scene from The Witches of Eastwick in here! I really can't wait until another fruit catches her taste buds' attention - though I am grateful that she's not eating as many onions as she is cherries!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Spa Tubs and Other Fun Things

The Moms went and picked out a lot of wonderful things they'd like for me - I didn't really understand the whole event since they didn't buy anything, they just ooohed and aahed and used some funny machine with a red eye to click at things. But they seemed to have a good time. Everytime I saw something I really liked I gave Mum a swift kick. Most things she agreed with, but one item in particular she wouldn't even consider: a spa tub. Mama was all for it, but Mum thought it was absolutely ridiculous! She said "I don't have a spa tub, so the baby doesn't need a spa tub!" I'm not sure her logic is sound, though: Mum doesn't have a mobile over her bed or a night light shaped like a sheep, either, but she seems to think I need one of each! Oh, well. Mama assured me that there's a much more fun way of making bubbles in my tub that she'll teach me! I can't wait! Tee hee!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ticker Tock: 16 Weeks

I'm really loving this fruit ticker of mine. This week I'm the size of an avocado. The fun part is Mum usually has a real craving for something related to the fruit of the week. This Saturday, she had a powerful desire for Mexican food - most especially guacamole! I wonder what next week will bring! Tee hee!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ticker Tock: 15 Weeks

Ahhh, as you can see by my ticker, I'm 15 weeks along and the size of a navel orange. I'm moving all around and poking Mum whenever I can, but she doesn't seem to notice - actually I think she notices, but claims it's gas! I'm not gas, Mum!! It's funny that I'm traveling through all Mum's favorite fruits here lately. Of course it'd be a real kicker if one week I was the size of a watermelon - Mum's ultimate favorite fruit (or a Jack Fruit, which is even bigger!) I think Mum would change her mind about natural childbirth then and there!! Tee hee!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ticker Tock: 14 Weeks

Hello everyone! I'm sorry, I've been a very lazy baby this week. Mum's off this week, so we've been sleeping in and napping a lot and I've been neglecting my blog. But, as you can see from my ticker, this week I'm 14 weeks along and the size of a lemon. Which is a bit confusing to me: a lemon seems a bit smaller than the peach I was last week, but maybe I'm thinking of those Georgian peaches The Moms enjoy when they visit Grampa and Gigi in Georgia? One funny thing about being a lemon this week: this weekend, before we knew I'd be a lemon, Mum made a batch of Lemon Arugula Soup - yum! Well, we're on Mission: Organization this week, and we'd better get back to it. Between our naps, Mum is "organizing and purging to make room for baby," though we haven't really made much progress, but I think that's mostly my fault. I'm going to try to let her stay awake for the whole day today, but we'll see - tee hee!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flop Around

I don't know what Mum was dreaming about last night, but boy was she flopping around a lot. It kept me up! Thank goodness I can sleep all day - tee hee.

Actually, her flopping got me thinking. When Mum was really sick with morning sickness, she would constantly complain about Mama flopping around. She'd sing a little song about it every morning:
To the tune of "Jump Around"
Flop around.
Flop around.
Flop up. flop up, and flop down.
Flop, flop, flop. flop. . .

And now she's the one flopping around all night. And even funnier: I've been flopping around for weeks, but soon I'll be big enough for Mum to feel it and I'll be the flopper in the family! We're passing the torch - from one flopper to another! I love that I already take after The Moms!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ticker Tock: Week 13

So according to my ticker, I'm 13 weeks along and the size of a peach - I like the thought of that because Mum really likes peaches. We read somewhere else, though, that this week I'm the size of a medium shrimp. Now, never having seen either a shrimp or a peach, I am using my imagination, but I can't imagine that a shrimp and a peach are at all the same size. Plus, a peach seems a much more pleasant thing to be this week.

All seems well with Mum except that she's been having really weird dreams lately. Last night she dreamt that she sneezed me out and woke up in a panic. The only thing that calmed her down was the realization that I'm not in any place that is connected to any place where sneezes come from so it wouldn't be possible to sneeze me out. Poor, Mum! I hope tonight's dreams are sweet. . . like peaches.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh, Mama, the Places We'll Go

Storytime with Mama
Every evening, Mama reads me Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go! - a gift from Aunt Bridge. I enjoy these times with Mama so much that I thought I'd try my hand and writing her a Suessian style poem. Here goes:

Mama, oh, Mama,
The places we'll go
Me, tucked in my car seat
As we roamy-ro-ro.

We'll take in the sights
We'll take in a game
We'll climb to new heights
We'll find lions to tame.

Mama, oh, Mama
Sometimes just you and me.
Then we'll surprise Mum with an invite;
How happy she'll be.

We'll protect Mum from winged creatures
And kill all the bugs
And snuggle on weekends
And share lots of hugs.

Mama, oh, Mama,
The places we'll go
You'll be full of surprises
And I can't wait know!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lions

Myah's takes a stand
Every morning two of our three kitties - who feel and sound like lions - come into the bedroom for a little cuddle time with me and Mum. Unfortunately, it doesn't start out very pleasant. Myah - who claims Mum as her personal person - jumps up on the bed and then comes over and stands right on me. She then lets out a really loud MEEERROWWW and a low growl in the back of her throat. Mum says, "Come on, Myah. Get off the baby. Lay down." She gives another growl and then lays at Mum's side.

These paws are made for walkin'. . .
And then comes Pollux. Pollux sounds sweet and all, but after she jumps up on the bed, she makes a beeline from Mum's tum and walks all over me! Mum fusses at her too and she settles down on the opposite side from Myah - they don't exactly get along well. The best part of cuddle time is when the two kitties have settled down and the start purring. I swear it rocks me right to sleep. I just hope that the standing and walking on me are signs of welcome, because that Myah's growl sounds hungry!
. . .all over Zordan's head.

Our third kitty, Castor, has never been very friendly to Mum, but lately she likes to cuddle right under Mum's arm or sit on her lap right next to me. She has a sweet little purr - I think she really likes me.

And we're finally settled in for a snooze.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twins Tease

The Moms had dinner last night with Super Uncle Jeff who earlier got a call from a friend of his mother. Halfway through the conversation, the friend casually said, "Oh, by the way, it's twins." Twins, huh? Might I be twins? Tee hee, I'll never tell. Mama would be super excited if I was twins, but Mum is a little more unsure - I think because she's the one who will need to carry two of us around for the next six months.

I guess Mum is showing a little early for twelve weeks, but I really wanted to make my presence known. Plus, Nana told us during her visit that Mum was HUGE when she was like me, in Nana's tummy, and everyone thought twins then, too, but there was only one sweet little baby - who supposedly grew up and became my Mum - I can't even imagine! Well, it's breakfast time - we'll talk to you later - oops, I mean, I'LL talk to you later - tee hee!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ticker Tock: Week 12

As you can see from my ticker up there, I'm 12 weeks along and I'm about the size of a plum. From the looks of Mum in this picture, though, I look more like the size of a watermelon - you know one of those personal sized mini watermelons - the ones Mama never buys because she knows Mum will eat it in one sitting and not share - Mum's a bit of a lover of watermelon. In fact, Aunt Sue says Mum can often be found these days roaming the halls at work eating a piece of watermelon - with Aunt Sue trailing beside her and laughing. They have a lot of fun at work - I feel Mum laughing and laughing. Well, anyway, I'm the size of a plum this week and I'm feeling just peachy - tee hee.

Greetings from Zordan!

Hi, I'm Zordan! I know, I sound like an alien or a super hero, but I'm just a baby - still hanging out inside my Mum for the next little while. The Moms aren't sure if I'm a girl or boy, and they want to be surprised, so they have two names picked out - Zoe and Jordan - so for now, I'm Zordan. It was my Aunt Sue's idea and I think it sounds super-heroic, but I am a super hero to The Moms.

Speaking of The Moms, let me introduce you to the cast of characters in this little comic book drama:

The Moms:
Michelle (Mum) and Michele (Mama).
I've been currently hitching a ride through life with Mum - I made her pretty sick for the last 6 weeks, but I think we're over that little bump in the road. Mama sounds like the greatest - she reads to me already and kisses me and I feel her love every time she's near. I can't wait to meet The Moms - I have a feeling our little family is gonna take the world by storm!

Super Uncle Jeff:
Some people donate old clothes, appliances, even cars. Super Uncle Jeff donated life so that The Moms could make me! Pretty cool right! I think Super Uncle Jeff's a real super hero! I wonder if he'll be in a cape when I meet him? I hope so!

Aunt Sue:
Aunt Sue had an integral role in convincing The Moms that it was a good idea to have a baby. I'm personally grateful to her - I've been waiting a long time to come meet The Moms, so it's about time they got on board. Aunt Sue acts as wise counsel, sounding board, and someone to blame - I remember hearing a lot of "why did I let Sue talk me into this!!" and "That darn Sue! I should never have listened to her!" during the morning sickness weeks. Poor Mum, she was so sick! I can't say I'm not glad she blamed Aunt Sue and not me! tee hee!

Aunt Deb:
Mum's kindred spirit and The Mom's kind friend. She knows Mum so well that Aunt Deb got her the best gift ever: a pregnancy organizer. See Mum likes to be in control and likes to have order around her. She's been yearning for some sort of guide or action plan to order this pregnancy. Aunt Deb's pregnancy organizer does just that - well it at least gives Mum the illusion of order, which is pretty much the same to her!

I also get a host of awesome new relatives who I can't wait to meet:
Mum's Mum and Mama's MamaLaLa, Nana is gonna be a lot of fun! She was just here visiting and helping The Moms through the worst of Mum's sicky sick. She loves to read so I can't wait for her to read to me! Maybe we should start out with something a little lighter than her favorite murder mysteries, though. Cat in a Hat, perhaps?

Grampa and Gigi:
I can't wait to meet these two! They have a new sunporch that I'm looking forward to cuddling with Grampa on. And I've heard the Gigi makes the best eggrolls and fried rice - it'll be a little while, but I can't wait to taste it! Oh, and she knows all about every fruit in the world - can't wait to taste those too!! And Grampa is a puzzle master - I have a feeling that will be my favorite thing!

Uncle Tim, Aunt Renee, and Grown-up Cousin Tay:
I imagine lots of trips to Ohio and family vacations to Niagara Falls and New York City with these favorite relatives. The Moms say they are a lot of fun! I can't wait to meet my Grown-up Cousin Tay! I can't believe that Mama's little brother has a daughter already all grown-up!

Aunt Kym, Uncle Chris, and Still-Kid Cousins Alexander and Isabelle:
I'm super excited about these relatives! Aunt Kym and Cousins Alexander and Isabelle will be exchanging visits with me and The Moms often I bet. Though in the beginning, the years between me and my cousins will seem vast, soon I won't seem so little and they won't seem so grown-up - well, Alexander might - he's starting kindergarten this year! I can't even imagine!!

Uncle Joel:
My Uncle Joel is a truly cool dude. I just can't wait for him to hold me and talk to me with his super deep voice - I have a feeling that voice will be all I need to hear to drift off into dreamland (maybe The Mom's should get  a recording of Uncle Joel counting sheep??) Uncle Joel's an artist too and a poet - see, I told you he's a really cool dude! And he's almost as tall as Mum - though he may be taller, it all depends on who you ask!

It's amazing that in addition to all these people who already love me, there are hosts of other friends and family who love me already too! Friends like Karen, who crochets like a dream, Cathy, who makes Mum the most amazing body butter, and Bridge, who treated me to Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go, for The Moms to read to me before I make my debut. Oh, and sweet Beth Ann who would so like The Moms to name me Beth Ann, and Chris, and Sarah, Sara, Sara, and Cara, who couldn't be more excited. And then there's The Mom's church which is full of loving aunts, uncles, and friends to love me! And family, so much family, like Aunt Raine and Uncle Logan, who hang out with Nana everyday and will hopefully come visit with her, too! I'm so excited about all the people who love me already and I can't wait to meet them all!