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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lions

Myah's takes a stand
Every morning two of our three kitties - who feel and sound like lions - come into the bedroom for a little cuddle time with me and Mum. Unfortunately, it doesn't start out very pleasant. Myah - who claims Mum as her personal person - jumps up on the bed and then comes over and stands right on me. She then lets out a really loud MEEERROWWW and a low growl in the back of her throat. Mum says, "Come on, Myah. Get off the baby. Lay down." She gives another growl and then lays at Mum's side.

These paws are made for walkin'. . .
And then comes Pollux. Pollux sounds sweet and all, but after she jumps up on the bed, she makes a beeline from Mum's tum and walks all over me! Mum fusses at her too and she settles down on the opposite side from Myah - they don't exactly get along well. The best part of cuddle time is when the two kitties have settled down and the start purring. I swear it rocks me right to sleep. I just hope that the standing and walking on me are signs of welcome, because that Myah's growl sounds hungry!
. . .all over Zordan's head.

Our third kitty, Castor, has never been very friendly to Mum, but lately she likes to cuddle right under Mum's arm or sit on her lap right next to me. She has a sweet little purr - I think she really likes me.

And we're finally settled in for a snooze.

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