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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ticker Tock: Week 12

As you can see from my ticker up there, I'm 12 weeks along and I'm about the size of a plum. From the looks of Mum in this picture, though, I look more like the size of a watermelon - you know one of those personal sized mini watermelons - the ones Mama never buys because she knows Mum will eat it in one sitting and not share - Mum's a bit of a lover of watermelon. In fact, Aunt Sue says Mum can often be found these days roaming the halls at work eating a piece of watermelon - with Aunt Sue trailing beside her and laughing. They have a lot of fun at work - I feel Mum laughing and laughing. Well, anyway, I'm the size of a plum this week and I'm feeling just peachy - tee hee.


  1. Congratulations. I'm sure that when you arrive, Mum will share her watermelon with you because that's what good mums do. :)

  2. You're probably right, Miss Julia - she's certainly been good at sharing so far. And she's a good listener - everytime I mention a hankering for this or that she jumps right on it!


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