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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greetings from Zordan!

Hi, I'm Zordan! I know, I sound like an alien or a super hero, but I'm just a baby - still hanging out inside my Mum for the next little while. The Moms aren't sure if I'm a girl or boy, and they want to be surprised, so they have two names picked out - Zoe and Jordan - so for now, I'm Zordan. It was my Aunt Sue's idea and I think it sounds super-heroic, but I am a super hero to The Moms.

Speaking of The Moms, let me introduce you to the cast of characters in this little comic book drama:

The Moms:
Michelle (Mum) and Michele (Mama).
I've been currently hitching a ride through life with Mum - I made her pretty sick for the last 6 weeks, but I think we're over that little bump in the road. Mama sounds like the greatest - she reads to me already and kisses me and I feel her love every time she's near. I can't wait to meet The Moms - I have a feeling our little family is gonna take the world by storm!

Super Uncle Jeff:
Some people donate old clothes, appliances, even cars. Super Uncle Jeff donated life so that The Moms could make me! Pretty cool right! I think Super Uncle Jeff's a real super hero! I wonder if he'll be in a cape when I meet him? I hope so!

Aunt Sue:
Aunt Sue had an integral role in convincing The Moms that it was a good idea to have a baby. I'm personally grateful to her - I've been waiting a long time to come meet The Moms, so it's about time they got on board. Aunt Sue acts as wise counsel, sounding board, and someone to blame - I remember hearing a lot of "why did I let Sue talk me into this!!" and "That darn Sue! I should never have listened to her!" during the morning sickness weeks. Poor Mum, she was so sick! I can't say I'm not glad she blamed Aunt Sue and not me! tee hee!

Aunt Deb:
Mum's kindred spirit and The Mom's kind friend. She knows Mum so well that Aunt Deb got her the best gift ever: a pregnancy organizer. See Mum likes to be in control and likes to have order around her. She's been yearning for some sort of guide or action plan to order this pregnancy. Aunt Deb's pregnancy organizer does just that - well it at least gives Mum the illusion of order, which is pretty much the same to her!

I also get a host of awesome new relatives who I can't wait to meet:
Mum's Mum and Mama's MamaLaLa, Nana is gonna be a lot of fun! She was just here visiting and helping The Moms through the worst of Mum's sicky sick. She loves to read so I can't wait for her to read to me! Maybe we should start out with something a little lighter than her favorite murder mysteries, though. Cat in a Hat, perhaps?

Grampa and Gigi:
I can't wait to meet these two! They have a new sunporch that I'm looking forward to cuddling with Grampa on. And I've heard the Gigi makes the best eggrolls and fried rice - it'll be a little while, but I can't wait to taste it! Oh, and she knows all about every fruit in the world - can't wait to taste those too!! And Grampa is a puzzle master - I have a feeling that will be my favorite thing!

Uncle Tim, Aunt Renee, and Grown-up Cousin Tay:
I imagine lots of trips to Ohio and family vacations to Niagara Falls and New York City with these favorite relatives. The Moms say they are a lot of fun! I can't wait to meet my Grown-up Cousin Tay! I can't believe that Mama's little brother has a daughter already all grown-up!

Aunt Kym, Uncle Chris, and Still-Kid Cousins Alexander and Isabelle:
I'm super excited about these relatives! Aunt Kym and Cousins Alexander and Isabelle will be exchanging visits with me and The Moms often I bet. Though in the beginning, the years between me and my cousins will seem vast, soon I won't seem so little and they won't seem so grown-up - well, Alexander might - he's starting kindergarten this year! I can't even imagine!!

Uncle Joel:
My Uncle Joel is a truly cool dude. I just can't wait for him to hold me and talk to me with his super deep voice - I have a feeling that voice will be all I need to hear to drift off into dreamland (maybe The Mom's should get  a recording of Uncle Joel counting sheep??) Uncle Joel's an artist too and a poet - see, I told you he's a really cool dude! And he's almost as tall as Mum - though he may be taller, it all depends on who you ask!

It's amazing that in addition to all these people who already love me, there are hosts of other friends and family who love me already too! Friends like Karen, who crochets like a dream, Cathy, who makes Mum the most amazing body butter, and Bridge, who treated me to Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go, for The Moms to read to me before I make my debut. Oh, and sweet Beth Ann who would so like The Moms to name me Beth Ann, and Chris, and Sarah, Sara, Sara, and Cara, who couldn't be more excited. And then there's The Mom's church which is full of loving aunts, uncles, and friends to love me! And family, so much family, like Aunt Raine and Uncle Logan, who hang out with Nana everyday and will hopefully come visit with her, too! I'm so excited about all the people who love me already and I can't wait to meet them all!


  1. What an awesome idea! I'm so thrilled to give my little ones a cousin to play with! :)

  2. Hi Aunt Kym! I can't wait to meet you and my cousins! Tell Cousin Alexander that I promise not to touch him with a diry cake hand like Cousin Isabelle tried to do at her 1st birthday party. I think that'll get him liking me early!

  3. Holy MOLEY! I can't wait to read this to BJ! See this is what happens when I miss church.... I had to get the news from someone in Michigan LOL. Congratulations, you guys!!!

  4. LOL! Donna, no worries - we didn't make an official announcement in church yet, so you didn't miss anything being away - well you missed stuff, but not related to this - LOL! We want to do something special in church, but we want to wait until our wandering pastor wanders home. Thanks for the congrats!! We'll see you soon!


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