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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ticker Tock: Week 13

So according to my ticker, I'm 13 weeks along and the size of a peach - I like the thought of that because Mum really likes peaches. We read somewhere else, though, that this week I'm the size of a medium shrimp. Now, never having seen either a shrimp or a peach, I am using my imagination, but I can't imagine that a shrimp and a peach are at all the same size. Plus, a peach seems a much more pleasant thing to be this week.

All seems well with Mum except that she's been having really weird dreams lately. Last night she dreamt that she sneezed me out and woke up in a panic. The only thing that calmed her down was the realization that I'm not in any place that is connected to any place where sneezes come from so it wouldn't be possible to sneeze me out. Poor, Mum! I hope tonight's dreams are sweet. . . like peaches.


  1. Aww, if only giving birth was as easy as sneezing you out! :) Sometimes, it does hurt to sneeze, though, because it pulls on the tendons. I hope Mum is not feeling those too often.

    I had my share of nightmares earlier too, but thankfully, they've calmed down. Now, I often lie awake at 2 in the morning, wondering if I should go down stairs to eat because I'm hungry AGAIN, or try to go back to sleep. Maybe I should go down and have a peach next time!

  2. Oh Sono, you are so right! It'd be great if sneezing would do it - when it's time, of course!! And I'd wondered about those little twinges whenever I sneeze or cough - tendons, huh? Good to know!

    I wake up about every three hours so hungry I think I might die! You are not alone in that!! I keep a little granola next to the bed to snack on. Dry cereal works too! Mmmm, maybe it'll be a peach on the bedside tonight! ;-)


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