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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ticker Tock: 18 Weeks

My ticker says I'm the size of a sweet potato this week - and Mum has been eating sweet potatoes everyday, so I actually know ALL about sweet potatoes! - but I actually think I'm a butterfly this week. You see, everyday I try to make my presence known to The Moms. Mum is easy now - she feels me all the time - but Mama has been patiently waiting for so long! Every morning Mama will put her hand on me and say "Good Morning, Baby!" and then just wait. And every afternoon she'll lay her head on me and say "Kick me in the head, Baby! Come on, kick me in the head!" And I do! I kick and kick and headbutt and punch and do pretty much anything I can to get her attention, but nothing. . .until yesterday morning. Mama went through her normal morning ritual of "Good Morning, Baby!" and I gave her a swift "Hello!" kick right where I felt her hand and SHE FELT ME!! For the first time! I think it was exciting for all of us! She said to Mum, "Oh wow, it feels like little butterfly wings fluttering! Wow!" Oh how I love my Moms - I just can't wait to get a little bigger and really give Mama a good kick or headbutt! Soon, tee hee!


  1. I agree, Aunt Kym! I'm so happy that Mama was finally able to feel me! I like to make my presence known! :)


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