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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ticker Tock: 30 Weeks (October 23-29)

Ahh, I'm still a squash, but I don't even care because I got to go to my very first party - and it was thrown in MY honor!! Super Uncle Jeff hosted a baby shower for me - and a Halloween themed one at that! Uncles Jeff, Cory, and Ken decorated our church fellowship hall with lots of delightful Halloween decorations, made lots of beautifully scary food, and my whole family and church family came (except my Uncle Joel who had to work, but he was there in spirit!)! Oh, it was just the BEST time ever - I can't wait for the next party I get to go to once I'm on the outside! Tee Hee!!

Real FINGER sandwiches! Tee hee!!

The Moms and me with our hosts.
Mum's costume shows what's in her tummy (me)
and Mama's costume shows what's in hers! Tee hee!!

Vampire Mice!

The prettiest fall/Halloween/baby shower cake ever!

The Moms enjoying a finger or two! They're pretty crazy
and I can't wait to meet them!!

A Note from Mum: I apologize for the tardiness of the posts for weeks 30 and 31. I've had a stressful couple of weeks and have gotten behind in posting Zordan's updates.

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