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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ticker Tock: 16 Weeks

I'm really loving this fruit ticker of mine. This week I'm the size of an avocado. The fun part is Mum usually has a real craving for something related to the fruit of the week. This Saturday, she had a powerful desire for Mexican food - most especially guacamole! I wonder what next week will bring! Tee hee!!


  1. Zordan, I hope your Mum doesn't start craving steak, or chicken or anything. They're good for you, but I don't think she'll agree. Maybe you should start asking for Sausage McMuffins like your cousin Alexander did :)

  2. You are growing so fast! Before we know it you'll be out in the world lighting it up, just like your mum :)

  3. Aunt Kym, I hope not too! Mama reads me books about sweet little animals, so I can't imagine EATING them!! Plus, while Mum was sleeping, Mama and I watched a documentary on how bad that stuff is for you! I hope Mum sticks to fruit and beans and carrots - I REALLY like carrots (which is good since Mum eats a LOT of them!)

    Ms. Lisa, I can't wait to meet you! Mum's read me some of your blog posts - you light up the world yourself with peace and joy! See you soon!


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